February 11, 2018

Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses

While reading on my iPad this weekend it struck me that in the future we will refer to "Reading Glasses" in a different way than we have in the past. I envision a pair of spectacles that would project the same type of notifications we receive on our smartphones today onto a heads up display built into the lenses of glasses.

Google made an attempt at this idea with Google Glass. I think this initial attempt fell short due several reasons though mostly attribute it to the privacy concerns we are being forced to face with our rapidly evolving technology. Recently, Intel announced a new set of smart glasses that look like a promising step forward. Unlike Google Glass the Intel smart glasses do not have a camera. This helps address issues of public privacy while maybe also providing a glimpse into our future.

I look forward to seeing where this technology leads and being able to read an eBook on my future smart glasses completely hands free.